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Dortmund Data Science Center

ATTENTION: All activities of DoDSc will in future be continued by our new center

       "TU Dortmund - Center for Data Science and Simulation (DoDaS)".

Click here to visit the web pages of DoDaS: https://dodas.tu-dortmund.de/

The Dortmund Data Science Center (DoDSc) is an interdisciplinary center of the TU Dortmund where data science related research is consolidated within the TU Dortmund and its environment. It is supported by the founding faculties of Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics as well as the faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Biology (CCB) and the Institute of Journalism. This circle is open for further participation and cooperation.

New membership or mailing list subscriptions are not possible. Please subscribe instead for our new research center TU Dortmund - Center for Data Science & Simulation (DoDaS) on their web pages https://dodas.tu-dortmund.de/.

The center covers aspects of research, teaching, infrastructure and transfer.

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